Slim with handle and wheels for simple storage an quick set-up



Class choices and technique tutorials give stright-shooting



Feel the impressive force at every range between 5kg / 10lb and 180kg / 400lb



Go eccentric, concentric or a combination for a powerful workout

Intelligent weight. Adapts to you.


The optimal resistance is literally in your hands.

AI reads your motion 1000 times per second, loading the right weight for you in every moment.  Whether you’re feeling fired up or fatigued, the Trainer+ knows exactly when to increase or reduce the load to give you the best workout experience possible.

Every weight, minus the rack.

Imagine being able to access every weight - without all the bulky equipment. Now you can with the Trainer+. It’s a real gym, generating resistance from 0-440lb (200kg) of digital weight. How? The Trainer+ uses artificial intelligence to adjust the weight to you in real time, giving you the optimal workout, always.

Strength training, totally reimagined.

The Trainer+  delivers the smartest, most efficient workout yet - for double the results in half the time.
Adaptive technology allows multiple training modes, including Time Under Tension, Pump, Old School and Eccentric Only.

Access everything from one app.

Every movement, calculated. The V app personalises and optimises your workout experience. Get access to different modes of training, including eccentric overload.

Try Vitruvian at 7 clubs of Fitness First
Fitness First Club Icon, Platinum Siam Paragon,
CentralRama 2, The Promanade, The Mall Ngamwongwan, The Mall Thapra and The Mall Bangkhae

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Download the Vitruvian app

1. Scan to get started

Here is a quick video that explains the machine.
Scan the QR code to view.

2. Download the Vitruvian app

Scan here or the QR code on your Trainer+.
The app is free.

3. Turn on the Trainer+

The switch is located next to the power inlet.
The round button is a wake button.
The flick switch turns the product on/off. When on, the product will illuminate.

4. Open the app

Select the Trainer tab on the bottom right hand corner

5. Scan the qr code on your trainer

The Trainer+ should automatically connect.

6. Follow the onboarding prompts

There are a range of introductory classes in the coaching tab of the App.

7. Strength assessment

Completing the 'strength assessment' will baseline the Trainer+ to your strength level.
This will improve your experience significantly.

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