fitnessfirst announcement faq
  • If clubs close, will I have to pay my monthly due?
    In case clubs close, membership status at those Home Clubs will be frozen and your dues will be credited to the following month.
  • What is Home Club?
    Home Club is a club that you applied for a membership at the first time.
  • If I have frozen my membership before the club close announcement, will I receive my freeze fee back?
    You will receive your freeze fee, according to the number of days that the clubs are closed, back as credit to your account.
  • Is Kid’s Membership still active?
    we think it is best to pause Kid’s Membership during this time. Your membership will be automatically in freeze until further notice.
  • What if I have a purchased PT package?
    No worries. Your PT package will be extended for the number of days that the clubs are closed.
  • What should I do if my Home Club closes, but I want to keep my workout routine?
    You can contact clubs that still operates, to reactivate your membership at that club (as it is automatically in freeze status). Since your membership type may vary, we would recommend you to contact the specific club to get the best recommendation. Or call Fitness Helpline 02-118-6665.
  • If I reactivate my membership status, can I train my PT package?
    Yes. You can contact your current personal trainer to appoint a training session at the club where you reactivate your membership. Or you can do a training session with a personal trainer at that club.
  • If I change my membership type during my Home Club closes, does my contract need to renew?
    If your membership is still under the minimum period contract, your membership reactivation will be continued in your main contract.
  • If clubs operate as normal, but I want to freeze, what should I do?
    If you would like to freeze your membership, please contact the club or call center within 11 January 2021.
  • If I have a monthly locker, will I be charged?
    • For clubs that close we will automatically freeze your locker monthly fee.
    • For clubs that still operate normal service fee is applied.