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Suspended in a swing, typical Yoga poses are executed with more ease and comfort. Therapeutic for relieving compressed joints and correcting muscle imbalances. Achieve greater mobility, traction of the spine and improved circulation from a series of hanging and upside down manoeuvres. Yoga like you’ve never experienced before. 

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Aerial Flow Yoga -
Taking yoga to new heights

Aerial Flow Yoga is an exciting type of yoga which is performed on silk ribbons hanging from the ceiling. The use of the ribbons serve as a source of support for trickier traditional yoga poses, such as warrior pose and triangle pose, and also facilitate upside down, swinging and hanging maneuvers. The ribbons are tied so that they are low to the floor, so there is no risk of falling or injury if care is taken while performing the movements. 

Aerial yoga classes
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If you’ve ever been curious about trying aerial yoga, Fitness First is the perfect place to do it. Aerial Flow Yoga™ is perfect for all ability levels, and our professional instructors will always give optional variations of every pose and exercise, so you can adjust the difficulty of the class to suit your personal level of flexibility and fitness. 

Other yoga classes
at Fitness First Thailand

Fitness First offers a wide range of yoga classes for the mind and body, each one with varying degrees of difficulty, and each class targeting a slightly different part of the body. We have Core Flow Yoga™ for those who want to strengthen their abdominal and core muscles, Dynamic Flow Yoga™ for those who like to elevate their heart rate, Gentle Flow Yoga™ for beginners or those who like a less intense workout, and Hot Flow Yoga™, performed in a heated room to increase muscle and joint mobility. 

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