Transform your body and be a true you!
I used to very skinny, weighing at only 57 kg. I never turned heads anywhere I went. I have a gf and one day I accidentally saw her liked photos of some athletic guys with a 6-pack, that was when I decided that I needed to get fit to make gf proud. It was pretty much an instant decision, I started exercising religiously, tried to find out how to exercise correctly, improved my diets and started training with a PT. once the results started becoming apparent, that was I started to get hooked on being healthy even more! The best feeling is when people can’t even recognize me due to my improved physique! I have never been this confident before, with many great improvements in my life right now. Oh, and the table has turned, now my gf wants to see how many “likes” my photos get!
Have your dream, and make it come true!
I have always liked physiques with well-defined muscles since at a young age, as I used to go with my brother to his gym. Every time I saw someone with muscles, I always thought how cool they looked and I wanted to be just like them. So I started lifting some weights, but no apparent results though! That was when I decided to train with a PT, and wow it did work! But, unfortunately, I had an accident and got my arms broken, so all forms of exercise had to be paused. Right once my arms were healed, I jumped right back into exercising and I have achieved my dream physique and got into modelling as well, another dream of mine. I still have many more dreams and this is just the beginning!
I want to be an idol for all other 40+ women out there!
Being in my 40s, lots of people thought I would just have an ordinary life, working and bringing up my kids. But I decided to turn my life completely around when I was fully cured of breast cancer and chose to put the stop to this horrible disease once and for all. I altered my lifestyle, diets and exercise. I am truly committed to exercising 100%, it doesn’t matter how hard my work gets, I still do some exercises. I told my PT that I only have limited time in a day, so I didn’t mind intense workouts! Now my 6 packs, arms and shoulders are properly toned and well-defined, and I have become an inspiration or you can all it an “idol” for many people. I am now aiming for an 8 pack!
Successfully dropped 60 kg. in just 9 months!
My happiness used to lie within eating! I couldn’t see any benefits of exercise back then as it was very tiring. My weight went right up to 115 kg! I ended up having very bad posture and no confidence, so I decided to join the gym. I have come in pretty much nearly every day, tried difference classes and cut out all the unhealthy fats from my diets! Not too long after, I could see apparent results and realized that I didn’t get all sweaty for nothing! I have now lost about 60 kg. in just 9 months, and it feels like I have lost half of me. I have never been this confident and am so ready for any opportunities life throws at me. “None of these would have happened if I wasn’t truly committed to changing myself and 100% disciplined!”
Perfection is within your control
I am in my 50s, working 12 hours a day, have 2 kids and weigh in at 70kg. Every time I had to go up on a stage at my work’s event, I always tried to hide my body in the back row so no one could see. I tend to eat as my work gets more stressful. To be honest, I tried and failed many times at losing the fat. So I decided to join the gym and consulted a PT who has designed my workouts for me. I now exercise nearly every day from 2 days a week in the beginning. I am much happier, and can work more effectively as I dare to challenge myself with new things. I feel like a new younger and healthier me at the age of 50! I hope I can be an inspiration to others, it’s your life, so live it!
This is the last time EVER that I tried to lose weight!
I have been “that chubby kid” all my childhood life. Tried to lose weight, but not the right way, so I could never see the results. Weighing at 112 kg., I couldn’t even walk myself up the stairs to a BTS station. I was quite embarrassed and disappointed with myself. So I decided to be full committed to eating right and exercising correctly. 7 months have been passed, and I have dropped from a 3XL to an L size! It feels so amazing and I am ecstatic! I have never been so proud and this in-love with myself. But I must say my dad is the happiest person seeing me this healthy and healthy. This is what keeps me going and will not live that unhealthy life ever again!
The need to be strong for myself and my family
I had a car accident back in 2015, got 2 of my spinal column fractured. I had to wear a cast for 3 months, and it turned out that some nerves were damaged as a result. I couldn’t feel my legs, lift heavy objects or sit longer than 1 hour straight. Once the cast was off and the doctor gave me the green light, I got back to exercise straight away! I remember the first day back so well, I couldn’t balance as my legs were still numb. It took me more than 10 moves to get me sat down! I thought then that I had to give up wearing heels, something I loved dearly. But my PT kept telling me to keep going steadily. Today my legs are a whole lot better, I can now drive again, which helps put my family more at ease. I can now wear my beloved heels again and dream to compete in a marathon, I know I can do it!
Where there is a will, there is surely a way!
I fell from a high height at the age of 56, causing some damaged facial nerves. I started developing Bell's PALSY and my legs had unequal lengths. I went from that healthy and active executive lady in a Japanese owned company who used to win 42 km. marathon at her younger years to this lady who is unable to take care of herself and spends most of her time lying in bed. I had to go through 4 more surgeries, and I thought that was it. I had to build up lots of courage to get where I am today, starting off with meditation and tried light exercise. It felt like I got heavy stones strapped to my legs when I started, but I never gave up! The staff have always been very supporting, which helps keep me going. I am a lot healthier now and perfectly able to take care of my 68 year-old- self. I have no specific fitness goal really, beside from keeping being active for my own great health!
Never take yourself for granted!
I am a doctor who hardly ever exercised. Until 7 years ago, I had a sharp excruciating pain running down from my neck to my shoulders due to my long working hours. Being a doctor myself, I tried my best to take a good care of myself. I took medication and even had pain killer injected into my system to help numb the pain, but it never really went away. So I had an MRI scan and was diagnosed with Cervical Spondylosis. I tried all sorts of physical therapy, be it neck traction or electrical stimulation, but nothing seemed to work. One day I accidentally came across Fitness First, so I decided to join, I know why not right? I tried different classes as recommended. I started having fun with exercise and fell in love with it straight away that day. Fitness First is like my 2nd home really. The neck pain is now completely gone and my next goal is to try a marathon.
You are your own worst enemy!
I am pretty small for a guy, but I want to have a good physique and self-confidence. So I kept going to the gym regularly, started studying muscle building and endurance training. I even competed in many sports events, including “R U Tough Enough?” with hundreds and hundreds of contestants. It required both endurance and strength from every single muscle of my body, but I took home the 1st prize! No way I could have won it if I didn’t train hard with disciplines. I don’t think we have to compare ourselves to or compete with anyone, you just need to do so with yourself! I want to help inspire others to start exercising and taking care of themselves.
Run Run Run!
I once joined Fitness First’s Fusion class with my the head of my section and I fainted! One I was awake I had such mixed feelings, didn’t really know what to feel. So I decided to join Fitness First right away. I joined nearly all classes, consulted my PT regularly and studied related information. I am now a lot stronger and more confident. I still cant believe myself that I competed in 86 races in just 2 years and got many prizes and awards. I have also been selected as a Pacer in many racing events as well. I truly believe that everyone can achieve their dreams and especially when you are in this fitness community where everyone is willing to help each other, everyone is possible!
Exercise in order to live life the fullest.
I got into a Dentist Faculty, which requires dedication and lots of hard work. My life got completely turned around from being able to exercise regularly to not having any time for it at all. My health deteriorated, I always had a cold and my knees started hurting. One time I decided to join my friends in a trip to Kenya Rwanda DR Congo which involved lots of walking and we would have to walk up to a volcano. Knowing this challenge in advance, I decided to join the gym because I knew I needed to get fit and healthy as I didn’t want to put anyone in a difficult situation. Who would have thought that joining the gym that day would help improve my life to such a great extent! I even got up to the top of Mount Everest, Earth's highest mountain. I know I wouldn’t have been able to achieve all these without my true commitment and my PT’s support. Where there is a will, there is always a way! I exercise not just to lose weight but to give myself the full potential needed to live myself to the fullest!


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