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Bring the sweat and fun on floating boards With a magnificent view of Chaophraya River at Fitness First Club ICON

06 Jun 2019

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Fitness First Club ICON is a landmark for fitness enthusiasts in Asia. Spanning 4,000 square metres and three floors (7, 7M and 8M) at ICONSIAM, the venue packs only the best of the best. There are modern exercise equipment, fully-equipped convenient facilities, plus latest innovation and technology that can support the effectiveness of a workout to ensure all members receive the best workout experience.

The must-visit highlight is definitely the Outdoor Zone, which is one of the most beautiful zones that overlook the landscape of Chaophraya River. It comes with a 25 x 12.5 metres and 1.2 metres deep saltwater pool with temperature regulation system that keeps to 35 C. The overhead roof makes sure members do not have to worry about the sun and can exercise to their desire at anytime. Also, experience the first ever H2Series classes in Thailand. The classes come with sizeable floating boards, focusing on the balance of the body. Guests can have fun moving around on the board, making their workout even more effective compared to land exercise. This is a signature of Fitness First Club ICON. There are classes that can be chosen from, such as H2 Core for sculpting body core, H2 Flow for water yoga, H2 Move for practising movement and balance, plus a special Aqua fit class that offers zero-impact workout.

H2series Water Workout Classes In Thailand 2

H2 Core focuses on sculpting body core or six packs, with attention to freestyle training and balancing on the board. It is perfect for those who wish to strengthen muscles in different parts of their body, especially the core, which will also make the exertion and movement of arms and legs more effective

H2series Water Workout Classes In Thailand 3

H2 Flow is basically yoga on water. You can now do yoga on a floating board. Members will get a new experience of yoga that will increase balancing skills on the board, plus stretching practise. Aside form gaining flexibility, you can also gain strength.

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H2 Move engages in practising movement and balance. In this class, you get to move around while balancing yourself on the big floating board, meaning you get to work every part of the body to the fullest, from arms, legs, chest, stomach and back. Your workout will no longer be boring.

All three H2 Series classes have been well received from members who have given them a try. Now, there are already requests asking for more classes in a day. Everyone agrees they are fun, exciting and challenging. Aside from standing on a floating board, they also have to stay in balance in order to stay on top of the board at all time. Each class takes only 45 minutes and is very effective at burning. They are great for people of all genders and ages, even new beginners can also join in. For anyone looking for fun and healthy activities, you just can’t miss H2 Series classes, now only available at Fitness First Club ICON on 7, 7M and 8M floors of ICONSIAM. The club brings together the best of workout innovations and trends never before seen anywhere else in Thailand. Don’t miss this great opportunity to exercise in new heights with a great atmosphere of Chaophraya River.

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